Workout Club

Meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays after school until about 4:30pm in the fitness room. There is access to weights and cardio equipment.

Run Club

Run Club is a non-competitive running group. This club is for the beginner who has never run to the advanced runner who just wants some company. We run the club as a run/walk program helping each individual improve their cardiovascular fitness at a rate that is comfortable for them. If you have ever wished you could run and didn’t know how to get started this is the place for you. No judgement, just lots and lots of encouragement to reach your own personal best. Seasoned runners are encouraged to join as well because interval work will improve your strength and endurance. Come on out Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school. We meet at 3:30 in the front foyer and depending on the weather either head outside or to the arena.
Contact Mrs. Bayer-Smith or Ms. De Backere for more information.